Paris Suburbs: Versailles, Sevres, Le Chesnay

Rental Prices: Medium High
Region: Residential Commercial Business Tourism
Time to Paris: By car: 60 mins By RER: 60 mins
Population: Medium High Income
Bus & RER: Good
Parks & Greenery: Excellent
Useful Links: Versailles Le Chesnay Sèvres

Versailles, Le Chesnay, Sèvres

Home to the most extravagant chateau in France, Versailles is a town unto itself. The Department of Yvelines' main administrative buildings are found here and the centre of the town is dominated by historical buildings and wide boulevards. Housing is found in the towns suburbs, which provide a generous mix of individual houses and apartments. These suburbs, although unremarkable, offer a pleasant town life without the intensity of Paris. It should be noted, however, that the city becomes inundated with tourists during the summer months.