Paris Suburbs: St Nom la Breteche, Noisy, Bailly

Rental Prices: Medium High
Region: Residential
Time to Paris: By car: 60 mins
Population: Medium High Income
Bus & RER: Poor
Parks & Greenery: Good Excellent
Useful Links: St-Nom-la-Bretèche Noisy le Roi Bailly

St Nom-la-Bretèche, Noisy-le-Roi, Bailly

This area is ideal for those who love the countryside. Despite its lack of public transport these small villages are quite accessible by road and are conveniently positioned between St Germain en Laye and Versailles. Nearby open farmland and forests make this a beautiful area to live. The style of accommodation in this area generally comprises large individual houses on private estates. The villages have small commercial centres and a friendly quiet atmosphere.