Paris Apartments : Applications


Demand for long term rentals in Paris is very high and finding apartments that fit your exact criteria is not always easy. In order to have the best chance of moving into your ideal apartment you must put together a dossier of information about yourself for prospective landlords and estate agents to peruse.

Your Long Term Apartment Application Dossier
Your apartment aplication dossier provides landlords and estate agents details of your personal and financial situation. It is used by the landlord to compare potential tenants for the apartment or house he is letting. Somewhat similar to applying for a job, the landlord or agent may receive 3 or more dossiers (depending on the demand in the market) and will tend to choose the most 'stable' applicant as a tenant.

For this reason the more information you provide in your dossier to support the application, the more likely you are to be accepted for the apartment.

This can pose problems to people arriving in France for the first time as much of their personal documentation is unfamiliar to French landlords and estate agents and doesn't fit the typical French dossier model.

Expatriates however do represent an atractive market for landlords as they are more often financialy stable, backed by their company and professional.

Can your employer take on your lease?
This question is worth asking to your Human Resources department. Some companies are willing to sign a lease on behalf of their employees to avoid the difficulties expatriates have of putting together a dossier that is recognised by French landlords & agents.

Many landlords also prefer the financial stability of companies over individuals when comparing dossiers. The company typically provides its financial reports to the landlord along with other legal documentation.

If this option suits your situation please ask your HR manager to contact us for details.

Your personal apartment application dossier
It is important to have several copies of the following documents together ready to give to landlords and estate agents when visiting apartments. The strongest apartment application dossier will contain the following:

1. Photocopies of your family's and your own passport

2. Attestation de l'employeur (declaration from your employer) stating:
a) Your start date with the company and contract duration (i.e. long term CDI or short term CDD)
b) Your salary
c) The allowances you receive (relocation package, school fees etc.)
d) That you are not subject to any probationary period for your contract.

3. Bank account details (preferably a French bank account 'R.I.B')

4. Copies of your last three pay slips

And if possible:
1. Your last three rent receipts or a proof of ownership of a property

2. French Guarantor for your rent (who will need to provide their own similar dossier!)

3. A big smile (if you meet the landlord and/or agent personally your 'feeling' for each other plays a very important part in their decision to accept your dossier)