Moving Animals & Pets to France

Moving Animals and Pets to France

Moving countries can cause complications when pets and animals are involved, especially if you have children. We recommend strongly that you contact your local French embassy as early as possible to find out the exact time constraints and administration requirements for your pets.

Passports for Family Pets

You may bring up to 3 dogs or cats - but only one puppy or kitten from 3-6 months old - into France. Larger animals, such as horses, are subject to special regulations. There may be no quarantine but the required documents are:

1)Rabies vaccination certificate (dating between one month and one year)
2)Medical certificate (in English and French) of good health, from a nationally licenced veterinarian of your home country, dated no more than five days before entry to France.

Regulations vary from country to country and are subject to change. For exact details on regulations for bringing pets you should contact your French embassy.

PDF - Health Certificate for importing animals to France

Be fair to your pets
Often it is less stressfull for both your pets and your familly if you can find a good friend to take care of your animals while you are in France. Animals can suffer greatly from long flights, new environments, periods in storage and are very sensitive to the strains that their owners are experiencing during the relocation.

Br fair on older pets, often they are not up to the move and it may be kinder to find them a new caring home for a while.

Children understand this suprisingly well if time is taken to explain the situation clearly and sensitively.


Thierry Besossa Legmann and Patrick Payance,
8 rue Ybry, Paris
Didier Servant,
86 boulevard Bineau,
Jeanette Mitchell Vigneron
58 rue du Cherche.Midi, 75006 Paris

Dogs in the City
The signs stating ‘J’aime mon quartier, je remasse’ are more than a suggestion that you should clear up after your dog. If you get caught not doing your duty, you can be fined about 150 euros. Some arrondissments provide plastic bags.

The following parks allow dogs (there may be some restrictions in place):
· 1st Jardin des Halles, Square place Dauphine
· 4th Jardin rue du Figuier, rue Fauconnier
· 7th Champ de Mars
· 11th Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Square Rajman
· 12th Parc de Bercy, Promenade plantée
· 13th Jardin de la Dalle d’Ivry, Mail de Bièvre
· 14th Parc Montsouris, Square Losserand-Suisses
· 15th Parc Georges Brassens, Square Pablo Casals, Jardin Blanc, and of Parc Citroën, rue Modigliani, square Jean Cocteau, Ile aux Cygnes
· 16th Trocadéro, Place du Trocadéro et Square Yorktown, Jardin du Ranelagh, Square Sainte Perine, Promenade Bernard Lafay
· 19th Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Square de Rébeval

Useful pet websites: