Moving to France, Moving to Paris

This pre-move checklist should help as a memory jogger in the run up to your relocation. This list is by no means exhaustive and as everyones personal situation is different you would be well advised to add to it during a brainstorming session with your family.

Pre-move checklist
As soon as your move is confirmed, it is advisable that you check that you have the originals of the following documents, as replacement documents take time. (Also ensure that your passport is valid!) It is likely that you will require access to most of the documents soon after your arrival and so we recommend that you pack them with that in mind.


· Driving licence
· Marriage Certificate
· Birth Certificate
· Health Insurance (E101 for EU citizens)
· Reference letter from your bank (in your current place of residence)
· Full bank details of your bank (in your current place of residence)
· New employment contract
· Last three pay slips
· Last three rent slips or proof of ownership of a property
· Medical certificates/records

If you are bringing children don’t forget their Birth Certificate, Health Insurance, Medical certificates/records, copies of school transcripts or reports.

Getting organised
Once your move date has been confirmed you should start making arrangements. This checklist should help:

People you will need to inform and prepare

Transportation companies
Removal Company
Pet transportation
Car Shipping
House Insurance Company
Car Insurance Company
Life Insurance Company
Health Insurance Plan Company
Insurance Broker
Electricity Board
Water Board
Gas Board
Telephone Company
Mobile phone Company
Internet Provider
Satellite/Cable Television Provider
Post Office Savings Bank
Building Society
Investment Company / Broker
Government & Other Authorities
Inland Revenue / Tax Authority
Health and Social Security
Car Registration Authority
Driving Licence Authority
Town Hall (Property Tax)
Local Police
Post Office (for mail)
Motor Organisation
Hire Purchase Company
Newsagent/Magazine Subscription
Gym/Sports clubs/Social Clubs
Church/Place of worship
Other Subscriptions

In the weeks runing up to the move

· Arrange with neighbours to leave sufficient space for parking of the removal vehicles
· Inform your building manager/porter of your move date
· Arrange for your children and pets to be looked after on moving day
· Fulfil outstanding HP agreements
· Ensure that nothing remains at the drycleaners or repairers
· Reduce your frozen food stock
· Dispose of any goods that you no longer need
· Ensure items to be shipped\stored are separated and clearly labelled
· Ensure that all lockers at work, school or sports club are emptied
· Ensure that all items on borrowed and lent have been returned
· Ensure that all deposits or credits have been returned to you
· Collect items from safety deposit boxes if you require them

Just before the move
· De-frost the fridge/freezer
· Ensure that washer and dryer are empty and are disconnected
· Give away perishable foodstuff or plants