Buying a Vehicle in France

Buying cars and vehicles in France is not difficult but some important aspects need to be taken into consideration. You may find it difficult if you have not yet received your carte de sejour or at least the proof of application for your residents permit.

Buying a vehicle is easy but does require that you have documentation which can take time to process. While waiting for this documentation you might want to hire a vehicle to get by - certainly for the first few months.

You may wish to buy your vehicle outright, opt for one of the various finance deals that are offered or simply lease your vehicle long term from the dealer. The choice is yours and the deals come with varying levels of maintenance support and guarantees.

Buying New Cars or Motorcycles
This is a straight forward process provided you have the correct documentation. Dealers are, for obvious reasons, very helpful in all the administrative procedures that are required when buying a vehicle.

Once you are happy with the choice of vehicle you will need to provide the following documentation (check with the dealer as each has their own set of criteria for the finance option you choose):

1) Proof of address (recent utility bill)
2) Carte de sejour (residents permit or its proof of application)
3) Drivers licence (permit de conduire)
4) Bank details
5) Insurance details
6) Proof of funds

The dealer will normally make arrangements for your registration document (carte grise) on your behalf, and often offers insurance services with their partner.

Buying Second Hand Cars and Motorcycles
Dealers also provide second hand vehicles with good guarantees and offer the same levels of service as if you were buying a new vehicle.

Buying vehicles privately is an option but we advise caution as with any second hand private purchase.

Registration of a second hand vehicle also requires slightly more documentation such as the 'certificat de non-gage'.

Intransit are able to assist in vehicle purchases.