Health Care : Paris Hospitals

French Health Care

The health care & social security system in France maybe somewhat different to your home country's. This page explains both and gives details for two english speaking hospitals in Paris - The British hospital and the American hospital.

Pharmacies & Prescriptions
If you are on a prescription you will normally be able to have your prescription filled from a French pharmacy although you may be provided with a different brand or alternative if the exact product does not exist here.
Different countries class different products differently and some over the counter drugs that you get in your home country may require a prescription in France. It would be sensible to bring a stock of products with you for the first month or two as well as copies of your medical records.

English Speaking Pharmacies
British and American,
1 rue Auber
75009 Paris,
Tel: 01 47 42 49 40
Cypel (Anglo-American),
37 Ave Marceau
75016 Paris,
Tel: 01 47 20 57 37
SNC (British),
62 Ave des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris,
Tel: 01 43 59 22 52
Swam (Anglo-American),
6 rue de Castiglione
75001 Paris,
Tel: 01 42 60 72 96

You are free to choose any doctor you like in France, however always telephone for an appointment.  You will find that many doctors, nurses and laboratory staff will also make house call or, if affiliated with a local hospital, will usually receive you there (generally at a preferential rate). Pharmacists are a good source of information on doctors and specialists in the area. 
Social security (see below) reimbursements depend on the status of the doctor you are visiting. The doctor will fall into one of the following categories and it is worth checking before making your appointment.

(State fixed price /consultation) 
75% paid by social security 25% by private insurance or you
Conventionné à honoraires libres
(Varying price /consultation
75% paid by social security  25% by private insurance or you
Non conventionné Set their own price per consultation and reimbursement by the social security is low, check what your mutual insurance will pay for or this could be an expensive visit!

Children's Health

A great source of information for families with young children is the English speaking support group - MESSAGE Mother Support Group – A non-profit making organisation of approximately 900 English-speaking mother and mothers-to-be in Paris and surrounding suburbs. This organisation offers contact, activities, information, help and support to pregnant women, new mothers and families with children. All nationalities are welcome.

Mother Support Group
Tel : 01 58 60 00 53
(9am to 4pm, weekdays)


There are two English speaking private hospitals in the western suburbs of Paris.

American Hospital of Paris:
Tel : 01 46 41 25 25
63, boulevard Victor Hugo
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Hertford British Hospital:
Tel : 01 46 39 22 22
3, rue Barbès
92300 Levallois-Perret
American hospital of Paris
non-conventionné agréé (registered)
  • USA founded and accredited with bilingual staff and American doctors.
  • Cardiology, digestive medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurology, oncology (cancer), ophthalmology, E.N.T. (Ear, Nose and Throat), orthopaedics, urology, rheumatology, dentistry, gynaecology/obstetrics, maternity, general paediatricians, and paediatric specialists (gastro-enterology, neurology, orthopaedics, surgery, pneumology, and nutrition).
Hertford British Hospital conventionné
  • British trained nurses and midwives, as well as British trained doctors in most departments.
  • Subsidised by French government
  • General surgery and medicine, plus gynaecology/obstetrics, maternity, out-patient services

Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture and homeopathy are recognized by French social security and are widespread. However most charge honoraires libres and therefore the social security will only cover a small proportion of the bill. Independent health insurance (mutuelle) rarely covers the excess.

Osteopathy is also popular but is still not recognized by French social security.

Social Security

France has a compulsory social security system which covers retirement, unemployment and national health. Contributions to the various schemes are paid by companies, employees and professionals.
If you are coming to France as an expatriate and are employed and paid by your company in France, the formalities will be taken care of by your company and you will contribute to, and be eligible for, social security in the same way as a French national.
If you are coming to France on temporary assignment the situation will be slightly more complicated. You may be covered by social security agreements between your country of origin and France.  (e.g. EU countries and US) in which case your company will take care of the formalities, although you may also need to register with your local social security office.
It is worth checking with the embassy in your country of origin about social security coverage agreements with France. If you can not be covered make sure that your company provide ample private coverage for your health care.
If eligible for social security you will be issued with a registration number and card – this card is issued to the insured employee and lists the members of the family that are also covered. Remember to keep all bills, stickers and receipts and your social security number must be quoted on all medical documentation, bills, prescriptions so that you will be able to be reimbursed.
Remember that Social security will only cover the portion of the bill that is ‘conventionee’ so check with doctors, hospitals before you make the appointment. The excess charges can be covered by an independent (mutuelle) insurance which may be provided by your employer or taken privately and also covers dentistry and glasses. These too however are strict in the type of charges they will cover.