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We compiled a list of common problems encountered by foreigners moving to or living in France.

Internet around Paris
How do I get internet access in France?
There are Internet cafés all over France. Obviously, there will be more choice in places like Paris for example. Ask the desk clerk or concierge at your hotel or residence for directions to the nearest internet cafe. He or she may know of a local internet café.
Click on the link for more information http://www.parispubs.com/cyber.php

Internet Access in the Louvre

You can access the Internet in the TI below the Louvre (in the Carrousel du Louvre, next to the inverted pyramid). They have several computers on the 2nd floor. You can buy a card for 15 mins, 30 mins, or 1 hour. You can also find wireless access points. If you have a wireless card you can join a wireless network.

Can I connect a computer I brought from overseas to the Internet  in my home?
You can subscribe to an ISP. Depending on the ISP, the easiest way to connect is via an Ethernet cable. If you have a wireless card you can set up a wireless network using your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How do I subscribe to these?
You may need to contact them to find out what you need specifically. Usually your lease and a form of identification should be sufficient. You may also be asked for an electricity bill; in that case, your landlord can provide you with one if the bills aren’t registered in your name.

What companies offer internet services?

Where can I buy a converter plug?
Look out for electric shops or simply supermarkets; especially the big ones in the town center (Darty, Fnac, Castorama, Monoprix, Carrefour). Ask the sales attendants, they may speak English.

Where can I buy software programs in France, for example MS Office for Windows or Photoshop for Mac OSX?
Look at the Apple web site and find a local partner:
“Visit other Apple stores around the world:”

Where can I purchase Computer Books?
Librairie Eyrolles
55, 57, 61 et 63 boulevard Saint-Germain
75005 Paris

Fnac – Digitale
77-81, boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris

Can I buy a computer set up in English in France?
The major computer manufacturers can all supply a computer with a language of your choice in any country. Just visit the website for more details.

Can I connect a computer I brought from overseas to a power outlet in Europe? What is the voltage in France?
Attention! The voltage in Europe is 220-240 volts compared to the US which is 100-127 volts.  This means that, without the use of a transformer, when you plug in US appliances into the European circuit, it will short circuit.
In the case of laptops, laptops are used for mobile users and because of this, 99% of laptops are equipped with built-in transformers. Please check the Power unit and the underside of the laptop for the exact voltage. . If your input voltage reads 110 – 240 volts than your transformer will work both in France and the USA (for example).
For more details:  http://users.pandora.be/worldstandards/electricity.htm

How can I type in French with my English keyboard?
Please refer to the links below.

How can I upgrade the memory of my Computer?
Please refer to a technician before installing memory. This is a delicate procedure that involves opening up the computer. Also there are several different types of memory and your computer may not be compatible with the memory you purchased.

Warranty is valid in France for most known brands: Apple, Toshiba, Sony, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Packard bell. Contact the local representative and they shall deal with your problem if your system is still in warranty.
When the warranty is not valid in France you can still send it to the place of purchase by DHL or FedEx, although that might prove too costly for some systems.

Apple worldwide warranty
is valid in France, you need to find an Apple Certified Center to get your system repaired (estimated time of repair is 2-4 weeks).

It is important to have the receipt with you or any proof of purchase. If you don’t have a proof of purchase but can show a valid piece of identification, the Apple centre still may take your system, but this is not always the case.
You can check on the Apple site if your system is still under guarantee just by entering your serial number:

About Your Support Coverage
Enter your hardware serial number to find out what coverage is available for your product.

Important: before sending your system for repairs please backup your data! The Apple Centre may erase your data and they hold no responsibility for this happening.
IBM and Toshiba offer an excellent service; your system is packaged and taken by a courier service (like DHL or FedEx) and generally you should have it returned to you within a few days.

If you need more detailed help or advice on any of the above items please call

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