The Arrondissements of Paris


It is important to understand a little about the different districts or arrondissement of Paris. Our virtual Paris tour map will get you started. Click on an arrondissement on the central paris map below to get a description of the arrondissement.


Paris Map


You will notice on the map of Paris that the order of each arrondissement corkscrews out from right in the center of Paris to its outer edge.

First Arrondissement Second Arrondissement Third Arrondissement Forth Arrondissement Fifth Arrondissement Sixth Arrondissement Seventh Arrondissement Eighth Arrondissement Ninth Arrondissement Tenth Arrondissement Eleventh Arrondissement Twelfth Arrondissement Thirteenth Arrondissement Fourteenth Arrondissement Fifteenth Arrondissement Sixteenth Arrondissement Seventeenth Arrondissement Eighteenth Arrondissement Nineteenth Arrondissement Twentieth Arrondissement