Parisian Apartment : Styles

Long Term Apartments Paris

The following pages will give you an idea of the type of apartment you are likely to find in the Paris area.

Old vs New : Interiors

From the inside the variety of apartment styles is vast. Here are some common points to take into consideration.

Unfurnished apartments Paris

The majority of unfurnished apartments mean exactly what they say and this applies to kitchens. Often all a kitchen will contain is a sink unit and undercupboard.

Occasionally you will find fitted kitchens and if you are very lucky equiped as well, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

Apartments in Paris

Decorative Finishings
In some of the older apartments the decorative finishings are very ornate giving a very classical feel to the apartment.

For some this is Paris at its best but if this is not your style it is worth looking for more recent apartments

Traditional apartments Paris

Fireplaces will add another dimension to the room. They require a yearly maintenance and may dominate the space of smaller rooms.

It is important to ask if the fireplace is actually usable as often they are condemned and are only for show.

Private apartments Paris

This is the term used to describe a view looking on another building. Not every apartment in Paris has a river view or a view of the Eiffel Tower.

As with any city, you may get to know your neighbours very well, by sight at least!

Hidden Apartments Paris

Away from the street, in between the buildings you will often find a small courtyard. These are often used for garbage bins, bikes & storage as they are part of the common area.

Do not expect to invite friends for a Bar-B-Q!


As many of the apartments have been converted from the architecht's original plans you may find some strange layouts.

Long corridors, strangely shaped rooms & small rooms are very common so use your imagination when visiting some of these conversions.

Unfurnished Apartments Paris

Refait a neuf
Typically apartments are being given a freshen up as the market becomes more competetive. A lick of white paint on the walls and a re-treating of the wooden floors can go a long way to making some of the older apartments very attractive.

Less common however are an electrical or plumbing overhall.


Salle de Douche
With space being limited bathrooms are often an afterthought. Many smaller apartments have a shower room as their main wash room or at least as a second wash room for larger apartments.

Rarely do apartments less than 4 bed have 2 full bathrooms.

Unfurnished Apartments Paris
Typical Haussmann Rooms
Wooden Floors, fireplace and decorative finishings are commonplace in the Haussmann style buildings. Many of the later developped apartments have also adopted a similar style.
Apartments Paris with Garden

The Ground Floor
Many avoid the ground floor due to perceptions of lack of light and fears of security.

However if you are lucky you may find a ground floor apartment with it's own private garden, something not to be sniffed at in the center of one of the busiest cities in the world.