Working in Paris, Working in France

If you are working in Paris or working in France dealing with tax, language, vehicles, health care, let alone social security can be difficult if you are not familiar with systems in France. These pages provide practical information on working in Paris and France

Working in Paris & Working in France
The following links provide you with details on all aspects of working in Paris and working in France with practical details for Immigration, Residency, language schools, French social security & income tax, opening bank accounts, driving in France, and vehicle administration.

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Working in Paris Working in France : Practical Pages
French Tax Issues : Income tax, Taxe d'habitation, Double taxation
French Social Security : The complexities of the social security system
Employment In Paris : Finding work in Paris and France
French Immigration : Arriving in France with the correct working papers
French Residency : The carte de sejour and how to apply
French Bank Account : opening your account
Insurance Issues : Making sure you are protected financialy
Language Schools: Learning French, Language schools and groups
Transport - Metro : Getting to work on time
Driving in France: Driving, licences, registration, insurance, tests, schools

Other Useful Information
Emergency Numbers : for Police / Fire / Medical and other emergencies
Find your Embassy : Embassies and consulates in Paris
Health & Medical :French social security system, Anglophone hospitals
English speaking doctors :Doctors, dentists, hospitals, specialists
Essential Numbers : Other English speaking services