Moving to France, Moving to Paris

Moving to Paris, Moving to France

Relocating to Paris will involve renting an apartment or house, buying a car or registering a vehicle, applying for a work permit or visa, opening a bank account, sourcing insurance, international schools and a host of other administrative obstacles. Each will require the correct paperwork.

France has a reputation for its arduous administrative procedures. These pages provide you with a checklist of documentation for tackling French administration with the least possible frustration. The majority of theis paperwork can be put together before relocating to Paris.

We also provide you with usefull information about the public transport system (RER, metro and buses, a metro map), the international schools and French schools in Paris and Ile de France, appliance compatibility issues (TV, Electrical goods) and other tips that will be helpful before you arrive.

Moving to Paris Checklist

Administration for:
Renting Apartments & Houses in Paris & Ile de France
Opening a French bank account
French Insurance for Property rental
French Work permits, visa
Buying a car or other vehicle
Importing Vehicles
Bringing Pets

Information on:
Public Transport (RER Buses Metro Taxis) in Paris and Ile de France
International Schools, French Schools and education in France
Electrical Goods Compatibility
Utility/ Internet service providers