7th Seventh arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : *****
District Type : Residential Tourist
Tourism : Medium
Apartments : Traditional
Population : Affluent
Transport : Good
Official Site of the Seventh (7th) Arrondissement

Being the home to Paris’ most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tour, as well as the Musee d’Orsay, Ecole Militaire and Invalides, it could be assumed that the 7th arrondissement would be a hive of activity. This is true of the areas where these tourist attractions are found but this district, one of the largest of the central arrondissements, is in fact one of Paris’ calmest.

Other than a small pocket of restaurants and bars between the Champs de Mars and Invalides, the area is devoted to government buildings and other institutions such as the headquarters of UNESCO. The remainder is purely residential.

Life is somewhat busier on the avenues which form the boarders of the seventh and towards the sixth but generally there is a real sense of calm and space with the wide tree lined avenues and impressive esplanades of Invalides and Champs de Mars.

Essentially Haussmann and 1930's architecture, these exclusive residential areas of the 7th are calm, clean and very bourgeois. Rents in all areas come at a premium as this arrondissement offers one of the most prestigious Parisian postcodes.

The apartments are essentially family sized residences with several bedrooms, large receptions and good light. The streets are narrower as you approach the river but the elegance still as high.

Seventh Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

Mairie - 7th Arrondissement
116 rue de Grenelle
75340 PARIS CEDEX 07
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