6th Sixth arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : ****
District Type : Residential Commercial Tourist
Tourism : High
Apartments : Traditional
Population : Affluent
Transport : Excellent
Official Site of the Sixth (6th) Arrondissement

The sixth arrondissement divides into three main areas: Saint Germain des Prés, Luxembourg, and the south western rue de Rennes leading to Montparnasse.

St Germain des Prés is an extension of the Latin Quarter and has all the same characteristics with a slightly more chic, artistic and intellectual feel to it. As a result, there are many art galleries, interior design shops, cinema and bookshops, as well as restaurants, cafés and bars.

The Luxembourg quarter, while slightly calmer is just as chic. Forming the centre point of the area, the beautiful Palais du Luxembourg with its Jardin du Luxembourg popular with families, tourists and students.

Rue de Rennes is a busy shopping district and the rue du Cherche Midi offers a host of independent boutiques. The smaller streets bordering the seventh are somewhat calmer and residential.

Apartments are on the more expensive side due to its central location, its views of the river, its parks and its proximity to the popular seventh arrondissement. Haussmann style architecture reigns in the district, and some quirkier apartments can be found in the St Germain area, although none are disappointing.

The southern areas towards Boulevard Montparnasse offer similarly priced apartments and although the ambiance is slightly less touristy it is always very busy.

Although principally residential and commercial many of the buildings are now home to business. Traffic and parking are far from easy but public transport is excellent.

Sixth Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

Mairie - 6th Arrondissement
78 rue Bonaparte
75 006 PARIS CEDEX 6
Tél: 01 40 46 75 06