18th Eighteenth arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : ** / *****
District Type : Residential Commercial Tourist
Tourism : High
Apartments : Modern Traditional
Population : Affluent Lower Income
Transport : Excellent
Official Site of the Eighteenth (18th) Arrondissement

The eighteenth is a diverse range of cultures, from the red light district of Pigalle, the artists of Montmartre, to the famous flea markets of Clignancourt.

Pigalle is home to the distinctly rouge industries and is famous for the Moulin Rouge and the bars welcoming tourists, and Parisians alike, until the small hours.

The Butte Montmatre and the place de Tertre are tourist favourites due to Sacré Coeur’s magnificent views and the artistic atmosphere all around. Surprisingly, even with in very close proximity, the small streets winding down the hill are calm and seem to feel a world away.

Abbesses offers a trendier pocket with a slightly more Parisian feel to its bars and restaurants.

North of Montmartre, the 18th becomes more residential with a rich mix of ethnic and young Parisians, until you reach the outer limits and the Porte de Clignancourt – the doorway to the biggest flea market in Paris.

The geography of the area means that it feels airy, but from a practical side it will often mean that you require the strength and courage to walk up hill. The older apartments on and around the Buttes Montmartre are well sought after and demand the highest rents of this arrondissement. Apartments range from very small studios to large family sized ones.

As you move north, the choice becomes a much less expensive mix of old and new. Although the area is rich in a variety of cultures much of it is somewhat unkempt. This area is not ideal for families but does offer something for those in search of a bit of adventure.

Eighteenth Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

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