17th Seventeenth arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : ****
District Type : Residential Business Commercial
Tourism : Low
Apartments : Modern Traditional
Population : Affluent Medium Income
Transport : Excellent
Official Site of the Seventeenth (17th) Arrondissement

The seventeenth is predominantly a high-end residential and commercial district. The south is a trendy area with good commerce and its large boulevards and traditional architecture gives it an elegant feel. The Ternes and Poncelet district is a lively market area for the local community.

Centrally, the 17th benefits from the Monceau Park and the buzzing Levis café and commercial district, which gives way to the leafy calm avenues as you approach the outer reaches.

The north becomes livelier and less elegant in the more popular Clichy district and as it approaches the 18th. The outer edge of the district, again, is somewhat less chic and tends to be bustling.

Predominantly the architecture is Haussmannian, although later 1930-50s designs are not uncommon.

The seventeenth offers a fabulous range of apartments in an area of Paris that is calm, high end and geographically well positioned, making it a favourite for families or professional couples. The increase in its popularity has meant prices are increasing but this area does offer a very comfortable way of life.

The more expensive areas are to the south, in and around the Arc de Triomphe. Centrally, apartments are found at a more modest price, but often in the northeast they can be somewhat unkempt.

Seventeenth Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

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