16th Sixteenth arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : *****
District Type : Residential Commercial
Tourism : Low
Apartments : Traditional
Population : Affluent
Transport : Good
Official Site of the Sixteenth (16th) Arrondissement

Predominantly a high-class residential and commercial district, the sixteenth is Paris’ western most arrondissement. Tourism is prevalent but as it is confined to the Trocadéro quarter and the Arc de Triomphe in the north, the sixteenth has a calm town rather than city feel.

To the northeast is the business area of Kléber that continues towards the golden triangle in the eighth arrondissement. The west the 16th, with the Victor Hugo quarter and its chic high street, is much more exclusive and residential.

Further south is the buzzing commercial district of Passy, which in turn leads down avenue Mozart to the Auteuil district. Auteuil, quite apart from the rest of Paris, is a small market community giving a sense of the Provencal.

The 16th is a very sought after area, particularly around the north of the district that has a very exclusive and chic feel and is home to some of the very wealthy.

Apartments in the north are generally a mix of Haussmann and 1930’s architecture offing large, light apartments at a premium price.

The south is more modest, and offers a range of traditional and more recent apartments. The outer edge of the 16th offers post 1930s apartments and the views of the park make many very desirable.

The 16th western position makes it a favourite for the business community of La Défense, and its proximity to the huge Bois de Boulogne is a plus for families.

Sixteenth Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

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