15th Fifteenth arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : ***
District Type : Residential Commercial
Tourism : Low
Apartments : Modern Traditional
Population : Medium Income
Transport : Good
Official Site of the Fifteenth (15th) Arrondissement

Purely a residential and business district, the fifteenth offers a lively community feel. It is more chic on its border with the seventh arrondissement and more middle class approaching the outer limits.

The main arteries are a buzz of commerce, as is the rue de Commerce and the areas of Cambronne and the Motte Picquet. The 15th shares the lively Montparnasse district, a hive of restaurants bars and nightlife, with the 14th.

There are several small squares and parks throughout the area, the largest being the more urban park of Andre Citroen which is on the original site of the car manufacturer. The largest of Paris exhibition centres is also found on the outer reaches of the 15th.

Apart from the pocket of expensive chic apartments on its border with the 7th, the fifteenth remains an affordable residential area.

Modern and traditional architecture, with good local commerce, can be found on its main arteries but the majority of streets are calm and relaxed. Its border with the Seine offers chic high-rise apartments with great views of the city.

The parks, commerce and range of apartments make the 15th a favourite with families and its position offers good access to the western ring road, Versailles and La Défense business district.

Fifteenth Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

Mairie - 15th Arrondissement
31 rue Péclet
75015 PARIS CEDEX 15
Tél : 01 55 76 75 15