13th Thirteenth arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : ***
District Type : Residential Business Commercial
Tourism : Low
Apartments : Modern Traditional
Population : Medium Income Lower Income
Transport : Good
Official Site of the Thirteenth (13th) Arrondissement

The thirteenth is a mainly residential and business district. New investment and development is underway producing buildings such as the very modern Bibliothèque Nationale de France. It is also home to Paris’ china town and has a strong Vietnamese community.

The northwest maintains some of the charm of the Latin quarter, while the outer areas give way to modern sky-rise blocks and industry. Perhaps the most animated area at it’s heart, is the Place D’Italy and the avenue de Gobelins that leads into the fifth arrondissement.

On the whole, the 13th is relatively calm, has plenty of green areas, good local commerce and reasonably priced rent, which means that it lends itself to family life.

The 13th arrondissement offers a broad range of apartments from the traditional to the modern. Rents are affordable throughout the arrondissement and simultaneously its location offers good access to the east and southern suburbs, as well as central Paris.

There is more traditional architecture and a community feel to the north and more modern blocks to the southeast, which offer excellent views of the city and makes up for their lack of charm.

Certain quaint pockets exist in such areas as La Buttes aux Cailles which are like a little hamlet in the city.

Thirteenth Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

Mairie - 13th Arrondissement
1, Place d'Italie
75042 PARIS CEDEX 01
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