11th Eleventh arrondissement Paris

Rent Rating : ***
District Type : Residential Commercial Tourist
Tourism : Medium
Apartments : Modern Traditional
Population : Medium Income
Transport : Good
Official Site of the Eleventh (11th) Arrondissement

The eleventh is a lively area that offers a bit of everything. To the east is Place de la République and the Bastille joined by the sweeping tree lined Boulevard Richard Lenoir, which offers a large market and children’s parks.

Bastille and rue Faubourg St Antoine are a favourite for trendy cafés, restaurants and nightlife and also have a range of boutiques and galleries. The Oberkampf district to the north is another popular area for nightlife.

The east is more residential and commerce becomes more wholesale, but the areas around Voltaire and Parmentier are livelier crossroads for the local community.

The population is predominantly a friendly 30 something becoming more family oriented in the east. There is a real community spirit in most areas of the 11th and it is interspersed with pleasant little squares and parks.

The more prestigious apartments are found to the west of the district although prices around the Bastille area are slightly are higher due to its popularity. There is a mix of modern, late Haussmann influence and every thing in-between, which adds to the charm of the district.

To the east apartments are also of the late Haussmann influence and slightly more affordable.

Eleventh Arrondissement - Useful Addresses

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