Relocation Policy Management

Relocation Management should be based on frameworks and internal policy. The requirement for such policies is often born out of the growing scale and number of relocations a company faces. However the principal advantage of an internal relocation policy is communication.

Relocation is a relatively new dynamic across all industries. The management of these missions often falls on the shoulders of HR departments whose resources and expertise are seen to have a synergy with requirements for relocation management.

However, the varied procedures and expertise for effective relocation management go well beyond the realms of the traditional human resource management function, essentially being internal management.

Creating a policy for your company’s relocations will not only set the guidelines for managing an expatriate workforce, it is essential for HR departments to cope with the increased workload effectively.

The most important role of policy though is communication. The expatriate must be clear about the support your company is providing. This allows firstly for a point of negotiation but more importantly allows the employee to fully prepare for the aspects of the new assignment that they will need to deal with personally.

The result is that all parties are clear from the outset of their responsibilities and can fully prepare for the transition. This opens the way for a successful assignment and avoids any misunderstanding or disgruntled employees.

Intransit International can help guide you in the development of internal policies that fit your corporate culture and the degree of your international mobility. With our expertise we are able to assist you in providing a cost effective framework to ensure the success of your foreign assignments.