Inpatriation to France

Intransit International’s inpatriation services cover all aspect of your employees transfer to France. From long term visas and French residency to setting up a new home in France. We facilitate each step of the process to ensure a will settled, satisfied workforce ready to concentrate on their assignment.

Every transfer for an assignment in France has it’s own set of parameters based on the type of mission, the employees personal situation and its time scale. The key to a successful relocation is in planning every step to minimise not only the direct costs involved but also the employees down time from work.

By using our services you will have a cost effective solution for all your inbound employees. We take care of arranging immigration formalities, preparing the employee for administrative procedures, organising suitable housing and following up with all procedures. Your employees are kept constantly informed and we provide support material for every step of the move. Rarely does a company loose their employee for more than 10 hours with Intransit during a relocation.

We give special attention to the personal aspect of our services. Your employees entrust us with a great deal of sensitive and personal information at a time when much is unfamiliar and unknown. We make the experience of relocating an enjoyable and exciting one.

We have built a strong network of partners in France and can arrange everything for your employees life in France from cleaning to language schools, often at preferential rates.

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PDF - Declaration D'Engagement.
This document should be completed by companies employing expatriates from the European Communtiy. It covers companies that are based in France and Companies that send their executives to Work in France (Detache) or whos employees are paid in their home country.

PDF - Contrat du Travail Etranger
This document is a declaration of the work contract for a foreign employee.