International Mobility & Relocation

International Mobility and Expatriation has grown tremendously with the increase in globalisation of companies and the opening up of world markets. Companies and notably HR departments are facing a growing demand on their resources in order to manage a transient work force at every echelon of the company.

The management of international mobility is no longer a question of sourcing an airline ticket, a hotel and an expense account. Companies are requiring more flexibility from their employees as they increase their cross border business. These missions are often critical to the success of projects as they involve a transfer of key skills, experience, management and knowledge.

Companies must assess the overall value of the assignment and provide suitable investment in the relocation management to ensure its success. The management of the international mobility of your employees and executives must address two distinct issues.

1) Administrative Management
(Immigration, residency, new employment contracts, allowances, departure formalities etc.)

These must be dealt with in a timely manner to allow for often lengthy processing times with various administrative bodies. The procedures for each will be particular to the country of destination, the parameters of the assignment and the personal situation of the employee.

2) Expatriate Support
(Housing, personal administration, family support, integration)

Essential to the success of the assignment is the support structure in place for the expatriate and their family. Support is critical for moving the family, sourcing suitable housing in the new country, and for the adjustment to the new environment, the employee will then be free to focus 100% on the assignment. Employees expect this more and more from companies that are asking them to make an important life adjustment on their behalf.

Intransit International and its global partners have the expertise and the experience to ensure that the transitional period is managed on both levels, for the effectiveness required by your company and for the personal support needed by your employees.