Our HR Relocation Services

Corporate relocations involves the need for a great deal of timely information and communication. Intransit’s corporate relocation services are designed to provide a framework for transparency &efficiency in the management of your expatriate workforce. Why not read our customers' testamonials.

Each of our corporate clients has a very specific and individual set of relocation requirements. We tailor our service offering to meet those requirements and remain flexible to their development and improvement.

Our section on executive relocation outlines our services aimed at assisting your expatriate employees. Here we outline the relocation management services we offer to companies.

Corporate HR Expatriate Relocation Services

Service Definition - which functions do you need to outsource?
By analysing your current relocation procedures and defining your set of objectives, we determine which of our services would add value to your company. This will depend on the number and frequency of your relocations, your internal resources, the procedures you have in place, and other external service providers you work with.

Procedure definition – how we can work better for you?
We look at current procedure and discuss possible improvements to streamline your relocation management (internal and outsourced) to fit with your company’s work practice. We then establish a communications protocol to ensure effective handling of all relocation activities.

Reporting Function – Providing management information you need?
An appraisal of costs, human resources and our services is essential in order for you to maintain and improve the management of your employees’ mobility. We will provide you with monthly management reports for evaluation, according to your criteria.

Define Pricing Structure – Flexibility to meet your demands
Whether it be billing frequency, global or individual billing, hourly rates, or preset package costs, we define a competitive pricing and billing strategy that provides an effective cost management tool for your expatriate workforce.

Frequent appraisal - for your changing needs
Regular meetings and communication allow us to revise our support function and maintain flexibility to meet the changing needs of your company. Whether you require an increase in outsourced activities or experience a reduction in your expatriate workforce we can work together to optimise our support.

Policy Development – Creating an internal framework
When expatriate mobility grows it is essential to develop internal policies to support and inform employees and to avoid misunderstandings. Our experience will help you to define such policies to ensure that your workforce understands the implications of a new assignment.

Individual Expatriate Relocation Services and Activities
Our support to employees covers all aspects of relocation from housing and administration assistance to orientation and cultural integration. Please click here for a comprehensive list of the assistance we offer to your employees.

Project and Team Services
Relocating teams of people simultaneously demands its own set of logistics and demands. This may seem daunting but, with the correct planning certain economies of scale can lead to even further cost reductions for project and company. We will work with project managers and HR to ensure a seamless transition of project teams.

Internal Specialists
For larger companies, with a high turnover of expatriate staff, Intransit can provide you with an internal specialist to work inside your company dedicated to your relocation management. Short or long term flexibility to bring you the highest level of communication and information during your peak periods or as a 'one off' project. This solution brings specialist expertise and cost management internally - high flexibility without high investment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your relocation requirements.