Why Outsource your Relocation

Relocating executives requires specialist knowledge of housing and accommodation, work permits and visas, contract management, immigration, administrative procedures, tax and social security and expatriate support networks. Managing this internaly can be an impossible task!

Outsourcing your non-core activities

Companies human resource departments are primarily concerned with the management of internal corporate issues and rarely have the resources to effectively manage relocations of large numbers of their expatriate workforce. Each city has its own set of difficulties and Paris is no exception to arduous administration.

Outsourcing the complex relocation functions gives you access to expertise without incurring the investment costs. This enables you to free up your internal resources and concentrate on your core business functions. The growth of the recruitment industry is testimony to this trend.

The primary objective of any assignment is the value it adds to the company.

Some typical reasons for employee relocation are:

1) A knowledge or skills transfer
2) An expansion of the global market
3) Geographical centralisation of projects (team relocations)
4) Training

Relocation Costs
Over and above the agreed compensation packages and allowances paid to relocated employees, the true cost a company is likely to incur includes the physical transfer costs of the employee and potentially the intangible costs often associated to factors that may not necessarily be directly linked to the assignment itself.

Transfer Costs
Relocating employees to a new location incurs transfer costs in two fundamental ways:

1) Logistics:

Moving people /goods
Increase in School Fees
Reconnaissance Trips / Hotels
Moving allowances


2) Down time from work:

Housing search – orientation, visits, administration
Administration – Permits, bank accounts etc.
Installation – moving in, utilities, etc.


Intransit’s relocation expertise, coupled with extensive local knowledge and a network of local resources allows us to satisfy employees demands quickly and effectively, thus minimising employees down time from work.

This, in addition to our information resources and employee support program, increases planning capability and leads to reduced logistic costs.

Long Term Intangible Costs
Experienced human resource managers recognise that the ability of an employee to successfully carry out their assignment can be hampered by increased external and personal pressures.

During an assignment in a new location expatriate employees may face increased pressures due to:

1) Unfamiliarity with the new location
2) Unfamiliarity with local procedures
3) Language problems
4) Family pressures

By providing a personal support framework for each employee and their family before, during and after their assignment, and providing the company with management information essential to the cost appraisal of the relocation, Intransit reduces costs and helps eliminate the risk of failed or inefficient assignments.

This allows the company, its HR department and the expatriate to focus on their core objectives.

How you and your company benefit
Intransit’s services provide you with an executive mobility management program that is designed to minimise the demands on your resources. You will benefit in the following ways:

Single point of contact
For information on every aspect of your expatriate relocation
For all your employees queries and demands

Cost Reduction through
Reduced employee down time from work
Employee productivity levels maintained from Day 1
HR released from non core activities

Time savings through
Employees down time minimised
HR released from non core activities
Relocation completion in minimal time

Employee Morale increased through
Employees fully informed and supported
External/personal problems do not enter work place (HR)
Employee loyalty maintained/increased from support provided

Budget efficiency through
Transparency of relocation costs
Intangible costs contained
Management information for evaluation

For more information on how Intransit International can support your company and your expatriate employees please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your relocation requirements.